Window Cleaning Prices Costs For A Variety Of Window Types

Window cleaning is available for a variety of window types and situations. Common orders include exterior and interior window cleaning, glass cleaning, window frame cleaning and curtain, and blind cleaning. Professionals can wash all kinds of windows, including those that have and do not have grids, sliding glass doors, protruding windows, louver windows, skylights, and showcases. Window cleaning is available for private homes, multi-dwelling buildings, commercial spaces, businesses and offices, including windows on upper floors.
Fixed Rates
Some cleaning companies charge fixed prices per window, regardless of type or location. An average price may vary by the time, effort, and risk involved in cleaning each window. Most window prices include internal and external cleaning of the same.
Here, a cleaning service can charge around $ 3000 – $ 4000 per window
Rate Per Construction
Cleaning companies may charge more to clean windows after a construction or remodeling, due to the dust and extra soil that generates more work for them, for example, a professional cleaning service can charge around $ 4000 per window after construction, which means at a $ 1000 increase from your usual rate.
Window Type
There are many types of windows, each with unique cleaning needs. Some, such as double panel, require more expertise and effort. That is why some companies classify prices by window types, with larger windows having a higher price and smaller ones having a lower one. Companies with fixed rates may vary them to take into account the extra effort some windows require.
Double panel, which is the equivalent of two windows: $ 6000
Multi-panel: $ 3000 per panel, so a 5-panel window would cost $ 15,000
Professionals can sometimes offer reduced rates for multi-panel windows in larger-scale jobs. For example, a 12-panel window could cost $ 18,000, which means they would only be charging half of the panels in the total window frame.
Multiple Windows
Several companies charge less for washing more windows because they can reduce their labor costs when they are already at the location. For example, washing all windows in a 200-square-meter home can cost approximately $ 80,000, but professionals can offer promotions of $ 30,000 for 25 windows (exterior cleaning only) at a location on the same visit.
Extra Services
Removing glasses and cleaning them is a common practice for cleaning professionals, but confirm that this task is included in the price when you hire a service. Additional prices may be incurred for removing difficult water stains or thoroughly cleaning the frame, which can cost approximately $ 400 per window.
The uneven or mountainous terrain that makes access to windows difficult may result in a higher price due to workers’ safety risks.

Window Glass Cleaning In Height

The cleaning of glass in height is one of the most demanded in office buildings. This type of space is usually characterized by its immense crystals that far exceed 20 meters high. In these cases, the best solution to obtain good results is to use cranes or lifting platforms. It is necessary to have a good technical team that knows how to handle these machines.
Cleaning Of Crystals With Poles
The cleaning of crystals with poles is one of the most used methods of cleaning in height. Professional telescopic poles made of carbon fiber are used for this work to achieve greater lightness and rigidity. In this way, the expert can apply pressure at the necessary times to obtain better results. There is a wide variety of ranges in which telescopic poles can be found that reach between 6 and 22 meters. Cleaning the windows of a building at 8 m high can cost around $500-600.
Manual Glass Cleaning
The use of standard glass cleaning equipment is the standardized technique when all crystals are accessible from the ground. Whether it is in height or surface. This team usually incorporates joists of articulated supports and brushes. In addition, pure water or specially designed liquid soaps can be used to obtain the best results in glass cleaning. Cleaning the glass of a house usually costs between $ 50 and $ 200.
Cleaning With Pick-Up Techniques
When there are hard-to-reach spaces where the crane, lifting platforms, or telescopic poles cannot reach, other techniques need to be used. In these cases, glass cleaning is usually demanded with climbing and off-hook techniques; work at cleaning height. It increases the degree of difficulty as well as the price of the service, but the result is much faster, neat, and ecological.


  1. Get A Better Image
Did you know that keeping the windows clean gives a good image? A beautiful large glass not only helps to pass the light inside the rooms but also offers a feeling of neatness and excellent care. The businesses that use large windows in their windows and know that cleaning windows for them is so important.
  1. Get More Natural Light
Natural light is essential for a healthy and pleasant life. The spaces that lack natural light are usually passing areas where people do not spend many hours. Keeping the windows clean favors the passage of light and makes the spaces much more pleasant.
  1. Use Of Cleaning Kits With Pure Water
Nowadays, glass cleaning kits that include pure water can be found on the market. Pure or osmotic water is increasingly used by the specialists of this guild. Not only for crystals but also for non-porous surfaces. These systems produce chemically treated pure water through filters that eliminate the presence of alkaline impurities and suspended particles, among others. When treating the water and leaving it completely purified, it is not necessary to use any additional cleaning product, so the work is much more ecological.
  1. Saving Time And Money In Cleaning
Cleaning is a task that takes time away from other tasks of greater importance, such as dispatching in the case of small stores.
Counting that the budgets of these services start from $ 60, it is totally advisable to invest to win in cleaning; In the long run, the benefit of having everything clean and the time that the work entails translates into savings.

Professional Office Cleaning Service Benefits

Being part of the change will ensure better health and quality of work performance for you and your whole business. From the use of correct substances and absolute respect for your spaces to the security of decent employment: these are some of the benefits of hiring professional cleaning services.


You will no longer have to depend on the mobility of the city or the problems that may happen to your maid. If you need your offices cleaned after a long week, a trip, a party, they will be cleaned. You will have a company that cares about you and your vision.

Improve The Purification Capacity Of Your Offices

Some business owners ask their employees to, apart from their tasks, contribute to office cleaning. This not only damages workers’ spirits, but it also reduces their productivity. If you delegate your cleaning tasks to professionals in this field, you will have everyone happier. A happy office is a productive office.
Total Effectiveness
In your company, it is best to hire professional office cleaning service that is responsible for leaving your spaces as you always need them: perfectly clean. These tasks must be carried out periodically, whether we like it or not. What better way to get rid of this burden than with a team prepared to do it all for you?
A clean environment can indirectly cause our workers to be proud to work at your place of business. It is the best way to prevent workers’ casualties. But not only that. The clean and tidy spaces get a better feeling of happiness in our workers — a very practical way to increase the productivity of a company without practically realizing it.
Quality Work
It is not enough to just clean the places that “look” clearly dirty. Cleaning professionals know exactly what are the most difficult places to reach. They also know what they should spend more of their time on. Excellent quality of work is essential for a place to be clean and not hide diseases or germs of any kind.
If your company intends to offer a quality service to its customers, it is essential to offer a good image. Imagine the case of a dental clinic, with the latest technological advances and the best professionals. And that also promotes its products and services. No one would understand that both the clinic and the material were not in perfect condition. It could be spent promoting on television that if the first impression of its customers is not good in terms of cleanliness, the economic effort will have resulted in failure.
Working in a germ-free space is essential. Even workers are able to perform more in clean and adequate spaces. It is not just cleaning, and it is that everything is in perfect condition and free of germs.
Quality of life
We all know that these people work to allow us more time to work or rest. What better way to hire professional cleaners that allow you to spend more time with your family? Recharge your energy without worrying about tasks like this. Dedicate yourself to your family or to what you really love, thanks to the cleaning professionals.
You Attract More Business
It is inadmissible to have an office dirty. Everything enters through the eyes, and if a client visits your spaces to find them dirty, a good image of you or your work will not be taken. If you hire professional cleaning, you delegate the cleaning tasks to a professional team, and you can feel great pride in the bright state of your spaces when you take customers or do new business. In addition, pride can come for the following three reasons:
You Promote Formal Employment
Workers have rights that are violated every time you hire a housekeeper in a traditional way. That is informal work and is a form of labor exploitation. This is why new laws and movements seek new rights for these employees.
You Take Care Of The Environment
Cleaning professionals are trained to use the most environmentally friendly products. They have also been trained in healthy practices and care for the planet since it is a change that we must implement. Professional cleaning services take care of your office.
One of the most common problems we encounter is to see how cleanliness is reduced to a superficial service. And you have to think that any superficial cleaning all you do is accumulate dirt that can later be harmful to the company in every way. It is almost the same time to perform a good cleaning than bad cleaning. But only experienced professionals are those who can ensure safe and reliable cleaning.
You Help Families Get Ahead
Many cleaning professionals now earn more than when they worked informally. This has allowed them to save money in order to pay for their children’s education. In this way, hiring professional cleaning services contributes to a better-educated society and more united families.
There are jobs that it seems that anyone can do. It is very common to see how many companies go to unqualified personnel to perform cleaning and maintenance. These people do not have the right products or the best tools. Cleaning a house is not the same as cleaning an office or a large space. Only professionals have a wide range of products from which to choose the most suitable ones. They also have tools for cleaning that achieve excellent results.

Investing In An Experienced Cleaning Service Is Investing In Your Business

Cleaning services are one of the most requested by companies and offices. And the quality of who offers these services is increasingly sought. It is not for less. Having a dirty business is the first step for a company for failing. We should not play it in this regard. At present, companies that want to ensure their success do not play it. They come to expert hands to secure their future.

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A Basic Guide to Running a Window Washing Business

While windows washing is one of the most lucrative business models in the United States, it is also one of the most simple. It doesn’t require a large investment in tools or resources. It has a huge customer base which ranges from homeowners to business owners. In addition to this, windows washing is practically always in demand, with the exception of rainy or snowy days.

Given all this information, it is easy to see why the windows washing business is worth at least $10 billion per year. If you were only able to get a small percentage of that $10 billion, you would find yourself financially independent within short order.

Everyone needs windows washing. If you’re the owner of a store or restaurant, appearances are everything. Having dirty or muddy windows will ensure that you don’t bring in many customers since they will be turned off by the appearance of your business, even if you actually have good products or services.

If you’re a homeowner, and you’re having guests over, it is crucial that your home be in tip top shape. While you could clean the windows yourself, you may not have the time or inclination. In a situation like this, a windows washer would be very helpful. They can professionally clean your windows and have them looking stunning.

While windows washing has existed for as long as people have used glass in buildings, many people overlook its enormous potential as a business model. Sometimes, the most lucrative business opportunities can be things which are fairly simple.

It isn’t something that has to be overly complex. When you also consider the fact that most house holds in the U.S. with two incomes or more hire a window washing business to clean their windows, it become easy to see why this business is so in demand. In addition to this, the industry will only continue to grow has new buildings are constructed, and the population continues to expand.

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